This page explains how to install Maud.

We recommend using a fresh virtual environment to install Maud. To make one and then activate it, run the following commands:

python -m venv maud_venv  # choose any name you like!
source maud_venv/bin/activate

To install the latest Maud and its python dependencies to your new virtual environment, run this command:

pip install maud-metabolic-models

Cmdstanpy depends on cmdstan <>, which in turn requires a c++ toolchain. Fortunately, cmdstanpy comes with commands that can install these for you. On windows the necessary dependencies can be installed with the following powershell commands:

python -m cmdstanpy.install_cxx_toolchain python -m cmdstanpy.install_cmdstan –compiler

On macos or Linux, you must install the c++ requirements manually (see [here]( for instuctions. Cmdstan can then be installed using this shell command: